Do you want to radiate sexual attraction?

Do you want to radiate sexual attraction?

Whenever you are just talking, kissing, flirting or even having intercourse. Eye contact is the key to intimacy. Without eye contact and your souls really connecting, these actions become meaningless.

Think about it.


What does eye contact represent? Trust, honesty, openness, sincerity.


All deeply associated with intimacy. 

Lack of eye contact can result in dishonesty, nervousness and can overall be a red flag. 

Do you like feeling seen and understood?


Intense or prolonged eye contact helps people feel seen.


It also makes them feel confident and even aroused.


Not only can eye contact heat things up, but it can also make intercourse more intimate.

So how do I do that?

In one word - confidence!


You NEED to be confident in your eyes to have a confident and attractive gaze. 

Want to make your crush melt?


Imagine you walk into a fancy party wearing soft, blue silk dress with a little glitter action.


You take a moment to take in the surroundings. You spot your dream man.


What could be sexier than a flirty glance from the other side of the room,


holding eye contact a bit longer than usual with a quick up-down look?


Your eyes are the KEY to unlock a whole new standard of attraction.

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