Now you can professionally take care of your lashes and eyebrows at home!

Made in Italy, following the most rigorous standards for a woman like you.

Best ingredients from nature

Castor oil


It is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of ricinus communis.


It is a stenghening and restructing agent.


It is an emmolient and moisturizer.


It gives a light and non-greasy feel.



It has moisturizing and conditioning properties.


Increases elasticity, resistance to chemical and physical agents.


It gives shine to the hair and body.


Hyaluronic acid


It is the physiological constituent of the extracellural matrix of the connective tissue of the dermis.


It has a moisturizing and plumping effect.


It is able to retain numerous water molecules (up to 20 times its weight).


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Thick and long lashes are essential for a FANTASTIC look!

The main reasons why natural lashes get weak:

Too agressive make-up removers or removing make-up with wrong movements causing a suffocation of the natural growth of the eyelashes;


Mascara that is too strong or impossible to remove;


Lash extensions that are too heavy or incorrectly applied which can cause weakening of natural lashes or even loss of lashes;


Incorrectly performed eyelash lamination which damages natural lashes;


Invasive diseases;


For genetic reasons.


Kadi Lash Care is the 3-step treatment that takes care of eyelashes and eyebrows in 360° giving an immediate and long-lasting result.

It is easy to apply, guaranteed result and made in Italy.

We would love to gift you a free video course on how to remove make-up from eyelashes correctly:

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"Kadi Lash Care products make me feel 20 y.o. again!"

Grazia Votoli

"Kadi Lash Care has an amazing effect"

Maria Pisacane

Isabella Rosa Pivo